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Hello world!

With this post, I wanna change gears. My last columns have been really heavy. This one it going to be a little less intense. My whole life isn’t about quitting substances or escaping abusive relationships.

I was unable to sleep one night. This isn’t an odd event, I’m often unable to sleep more than a few hours at a stretch. This night I woke around three thirty and was sitting in bed when I decided to get up and start working on the PE site. I was just going over some reviews at just after four am the house shuttered. It was fast and like a shiver went through everything in the house.  My mind went immediately to OH SHIT! IT’S A POLTERGEIST! then I jumped up and ran to the bedroom to check on Adrienne, who was already awake with her shoes in one hand and my boots in the other and shuffling from the doorway calmly said “hey baby, these are just in case we have to flee the house.”  She wiped some sleep from her eye, asked if I was alright and told me that what I felt was my first real earthquake. What I felt was a mixture of fear and elation. I’d never felt anything like that before and it was different than anything I’d ever experienced  and totally not what I was expecting. I was expecting to feel waves and more time, like it was going to last longer. You know in the movies and on TV when earthquakes last like a minute and people are running around because the entire room shakes?…yeah it’s not really like that but it’s no less electric. It was intense and even today, nearly a month later I’m still excited by what happened.

We had planned to spend the day doing laundry and running some errands, Adrienne’s truck was at her mom’s house with a flat tire so she went to take care of that and then come home so we could work on getting our new home together.

Having come to so early in the morning, I thought very seriously about taking a nap, but decided to drink copious amounts of coffee instead and start unpacking the back room, which in time will become the new digs for Profane Existence West. PE’s west coast office has moved with me five times since last May and will finally have it’s own room with a stereo and sunlight.

When Adrienne arrived home, we made for the Laundrymat